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What you think about this service? Who are your favorite anal performers? 

Anal performers from where? 

Chanel Diamond from Kelowna, performs anal with great enthusiasm. 

Doing it only with escorts who're enjoying anal, don't like to be pushy to escorts and persuading them to do something they're not into. 

Agree with you. When it comes to A services i usually book experienced escorts widely known as Anal performers who know all specifics regarding hygiene, protection, positions etc.

Has anyone been left with a brownie thing on his member while performing greek? It happened to me last meeting with an escort, it was quite disturbing but too aroused to stop pounding. I just cleaned it with tissue and proceeded with banging the escort. This has never happened to me before so don't know if it's common....

It's happening quite often unfortunately, don't bother. Change the dom and wipe her and add more lubricant before you continue with intercourse...

First choco moco overcome it nicely, i rushed to the shower and left the apartment in a blink of an eye...

Escorts who offer greek services should do an enema before sessions to prevent unpleasant situations you guys have experienced.

Thanks guys for the response, im glad i sort it out somehow, and happy im not the only one who's experienced it. lol

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