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What do you guys think about the BBBJ? Are the escorts too restrictive when not providing it? IMO it's a decisive service and if the escort doesn't provide it, it's totally a turn off for me.

My thinking about it is similar to yours. If the escort doesn't provide it she has to be superhot or a fucking magician with her hands to get me on cloud 9.

OWO is always needed. Im always ok if the escort is restrictive when it comes to CIM or COF, but i don't see a point giving oral with the raincoat on. 

BBBJ is a must if you ask me. 

BBBJ with CIM is better feeling than filling the bag inside the SP.

And what about STDs who could be transmitted via BBBJ? Of course it's a lot less risky than BB intercourse but escorts should be aware and look after their oral hygiene. 

Bleeding gums and BBBJ is dangerous. 

Yeah, and that's why most of the escorts take preps. Especially ones who work for agencies, one of the reasons i stick to them.


BBBJ is a must if you ask me. 

Literally, covered BJ is the most off puting thing escort could do.There is no feeling at all. 

Agree to that, with the rubber on it's just not as good as without it...


I prefer CIM so if it's not in offered services it's a deal breaker...

Well well gents! You just hate being bagged up!!

As long as you get checked regularly by doc for stds as us providers do then I will open my mouth gladly! But if you just keep going to providers and not take responsibility for your own health then I don’t want ya !! Stay clean stay happy 😊😊 

Fair enough, how do you look at the girls who offer BBBJ? Are they doing it in order to beat the competition or is it just lack of consciousness? Do you have clients who come with the clear STD tests and demand BBBJ? 

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