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Hello guys, i am all new here, need help on finding a girl (indi or agency) age 20-30, face pretty, blond and white, tall, area downtown toronto or finch station. Budget is 230, i did some research but almost all the agency is blurring the face, need helps from experienced guy like u guys . Thank you!

It will be tough to find an indie with that budget. As for agency girls these two come to mind, they're young and willing, good luck.

Thanks for the information, the 1sst one kind of having bad reviews, but i gonna do some more looking around, if you have anymore that nice in your experienced, could me sharre more!!!

Priyanka is a top choice and she meets your requirements.

Best way is to visit SFT website, they arrange their escorts selection by location and also there is a work schedule for every girl. They made it so simple to find a girl.

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