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I usually avoid such a steep rate escorts but Maeva’s youthful and lusty appearance really caught my eye. I had nothing else to do but to scratch the itch and took the plunge. I sent her a text and she was responsive, texted back in a few minutes, with a few texts back and forth we arranged everything in ten minutes. She texted me the exact location a few hours prior to the meeting. She welcomed me in a lingerie so sexy that my little fellow almost tore the pants apart. After the paperwork i had a quick shower which i also used to cool off a bit and try to lower my heart rate. Lol 


Well, there is really no cure for that when you see such a beautiful girl as Maeva touching yourself and preparing for you. I joined her on the bad and we started off with a DFK and some groping. She was already wet as fuck and enthusiastic  enough that she reached for my dick and gave me magnificent BBBJ, really i had a lots of girls giving me a head but this one was unmatchable. I returned the favor and god was she tasted good, she also enjoyed some digits in. 


The sex was 11/10. She's fit and has a lot of stamina and energy, and rode me for a good 15 minutes before i asked for a good old mish in which i filled the bag 5 minutes after. A few minutes of recovery and before we had more of the same. This time i banged her doggy and it was an astonishing sight to behold. 


The girl is a top class and a must. I understand if guys hesitate to spend such money for an hour but what i can say after that is - she’s definitely worth it. Catch her guys while she’s young and enthusiastic. 

You forgot to post her profile link. Boy she's fit as a fiddle in the photos. Thanks for the review, she's on my bucket list from now on…

Are those coconuts natural or bolt-ons? She's gorgeous. Also what was the damage? 

Wisher, boobs were felt too hard on touch so probably bolt-ons, but nicely done, no scars. The damage was 550 for an hour.

Nice review, is she still in Toronto?

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