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What do you guys think of it? I tried it for the first time a few days ago and i was amazed. The thing is you need the right girl for it. Mine was willing to do it, she put some oil and with every thrust she was trying to lap my little fellow. The best moment was when i spurted so intensively that i covered her face with semen... Never felt like that before....

Good way to get the things going, nothing more nothing less. 

If you're from Montreal this escort would be your ideal match

It's an erogenous zone of a female body, playing with them coconuts will get them going for sure....

I've tried Russian with Hitomi and it was great, a bit of a spit and it felt like penetrating her pussy...

If you're a fan of russian, this gorgeous lady offers and enjoys it as well. Has a lovely rack (natural i think) and i simply loved the way she manipulated them with her hands so it could be tighter, also every stroke was welcomed with her lovely mouth so basically it was russian and bbbj simultaneously. She's a stunner.

Emily would be a great choice for russian. 😈

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