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I desperately need a massage with a happy ending. Looking for the Toronto area, center or Airport, both are suitable...

Try at BlackPink wellness center, they're in Vaughan but worth a trip, the premises are new and the girls are young and yummy!

Flirt Spa is the best option by far if you ask me. If you decide to try them out i suggest going with Thorn, she's a magnificent girl with a firm but at the same time sensual touch. 



Has anyone tried out Indigo from Flirt Spa? She looks out of this world on the pics on their website. 

A majority of those so-called masseuses look just to rip you off and nothing more. Wouldn't do the job if you don't tip her beforehand, even if you see her for the first time. When they put the tip jar in front of me i'm seconds away from going berserk.

Has anyone been at Perla spa? I've heard that they're good and well reviewed on TERB...

Perla and i would add Pure there, are the top shelf spas, wouldn't bother with others when i get best services at these places. 

Any info about this lady?

I don't know about Akira, but i know that Alyssa was the best option there by far.

IMO, Allure has the best selection of reliable masseuses, i would pick them over others...


Flirt spa was always one on top of the list when it comes to the Toronto Massage scene.

Oh boy, hope Indigo is still in the business...

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