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Hi guys, im looking for an escort who admires toy play and has great creativity in bed. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Mia Kane ex Black Betty if you can afford it.

Nobody can afford her right now, rates inflated to the moon for what? Because she has bolt ons now? For real? She's delusional...

Maya Odelle is the right girl for it. She already has the whole room packed with the toys and enjoys it to the fullest.

Ray of sunshine does it for extra, she's the kinkiest one and don't hesitate to tell her your wishes and fantasies.

Georgina @ FoxDen. She was so into it, even let me use a dildo on her...

Miss Hunter / 5075 on Leolist. 


She's the kinkiest human being ever. Would do whatever comes to your mind. Love her...

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