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Hi guys, going to visit Montreal soon so if anyone knows an escort in Montreal who provides good service please share. Thanks in advance.

Maya Fox always leaves me speechless, amazing body, facially attractive and always eager to do it.

Anyone been with this escort Valery Ravelle? Can't find any reviews of her on Merb...

You have to try Rubis Luxury, the rates are quite above average but definitely worth the money. 


The only negative would be if you're into busty escorts, because she doesn't have nice tits.

Rumours are spreading that Julia Deville is back, so gents get your cocks sharpened! 

I've seen Angel Blair, she's good looking but young and inexperienced... Service was below average since she couldn't take the length, i was trying to relax her and be gentle but she constantly had grimaces on her face like i was drilling a rockbolt down there. Maybe, when she gets used to mid-sized dicks and becomes experienced enough i would reconsider her for a meeting again...

Good to know, i was interested in her. I think i'll pass on this one. Do you know any other young escort from Montreal who enjoys giving and receiving oral?

Lena Cartier. 

She's overpriced IMO. Her policy of  minimum 90 min for both incall or outcall meetings is way too much. Also she's too chatty and lacks enthusiasm.

Any intel about this one?

Probably the best ass of Montreal. Pretty strong and vigorous body. If you can hold your cum when she makes eye contact during BBBJ - hats off...

Any info guys?


Has anyone had a privilege to try this blonde out?

She's genuine, the photos are accurate, she's smoking hot. On the other hand i think she's not that well performing wise. Slightly mechanical services and also i have to mention that our meeting came up short since she started dressing and packing her things after the first round (i expected and usually do two rounds) even though she was 10 minutes late and at that moment 20 minutes were left till the end of the session. I wouldn't go with her if i were you. 

It happened to me too. Such a pity since she's gorgeous. But also have in mind that if she starts to provide good service i doubt we will be able to see her for the same rates she has now, she'll become a $500-600 girl pretty quickly.


Hi guys, does anyone have any info about this cutie? I would appreciate it so much. 

She's been one of the best independents few years ago, young, willing, horny. I've seen her a few times and each time it she was better and better. Then she took some time off and i haven't heard from her since, i'm not sure if she's still active.

Has anyone seen Anna Bellucci recently?

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