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What you guys think of their services? I came across some negative reviews of their girls recently...

Don't know, never booked their girls tbh, but they are one of the most popular agencies in Toronto and have a lot of reviews on Terb so, if you're into it they are the one of the best options out there.

There is always a chance of a shity book. Never known in what physical state the escort will be and what she's going through. There are a lot of positive reviews about their girls too and one negative review doesn't mean they're an agency to avoid. 

Best tits of Toronto, i indulge some titie fuck with COF with Amna, extremely good experience with this escort.

Has anyone tried Meera from Discreet Dolls out lately?

I would skip her, came across some negative review regarding her vaginal hygiene, maybe it just wasn't her day but still it counts...


Best tits of Toronto, i indulge some titie fuck with COF with Amna, extremely good experience with this escort.

Well those are some bazookas buddy! She looks fantastic and the price seems fair, does she charge any extras?

Im interested in hot old brunette matures. Especially if they tend to express that kinky side a bit. I hope they'll help me out to experience my long time fantasies. What escort from Discreet Dolls would be the best choice for that task?

I was with Meghan Rose a few times. She provides GFE with slight hints to PSE. What i mean is, she likes to rub her clit through the section (very hot IMO), also lustful moaning and showing great desire. I think she would be a good choice.

Are there any newbie escorts at Discreet Dolls? I've had a busy summer, haven't time for escorting and would like to let myself go for a weekend and indulge in something young, juicy and naughty...


I'm halfway between the center and airport so both areas works for me...


Saw her last month. She's a bomb. Curvaceous and voluptuous. Juicy and sultry. Can take the whole length when giving oral, and also enjoys hard pounding from behind. 

The moment when she grabbed my dick and started to dive the tip in her wet pussy was the scene i've never forget...



She has the obliques, that's for sure, but she looks a bit plumpy in photos and knowing that girls tend to conceal their down sides, i want you to ask you directly, is she overweight or not?

I think their agency is most up to date comaring to others, they have great girls.
they are also very quick to respond and book you, so quddos to them👌

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