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I was visiting the escort near me for almost a year, we hit it off and really enjoyed spending time together. Until the last few times when i noticed she's looking depressed and not looking after her hygiene at all. Bead breath, her vagina smell awful and unpleasant odour of sweat was rank. It hit me hard since we had such good connection there, and making decision not to see her again was so hard for me. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

It's stressful business, so she got burned out obviously, give her time to recover and pay her a visit after some time if you were that close. 

I had a similar experience a few years ago. Unfortunately i think there is a small chance of her coming back to business. In a matter of fact it will be good if she gets fully recovered.

It usually indicates mental problems and when it comes to companionship business it's totally normal since it's stressful being into it. Escorting is not for everyone. 

You guys said it all, the escort must look after herself since hygiene affects her business, if that's not the case then something's wrong.

There are still plenty of other escorts, don't get too emotional with them. 

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