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Been with an escort few weeks ago, fucked her so hard that she squirted like a fountain, dipping my johnson inside wet, hot and smooth vagina after the squirt was a peak of the session. Any girls here enjoy squirting? 

This cutie squirts A LOT. When im after it, she's my number 1 escort to book.

Any suggestions for Toronto squirtiers? Thanks in advance 

Cici from Toronto Passions, a squirting goddess

Heard some good stories about her. Right choice.

My ex was a squirter, i miss it a lot. It's quite funny how some girls can and some can't, i would love to know why is that. 

it depends on a girl's physical and mental state. Some are willing but can't due to the physical characteristics of her body. Some could do it but are not mentally prepared for it. 


Personally, it's some of the best things a woman can do during intercourse.

Agree with you, the wetter it gets the better it is. 

Up For It

Cici from Toronto Passions, a squirting goddess

Does she charge any extras for squirting? 

Well, no if you make her squirt. 💦


If you demand it, im sure she'll charge extra for it. 

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