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I noticed there is a topic on Toronto Passions agency, so i would like to start a topic about Hush Companions agency since i prefer them over others. What do you think of Hush Companions? 

Love their website, love their selection, they are the best Toronto agency IMO. Large selection guarantees a large covered area which is usefull for ones who are searching for escorts near them.

I find Hush escorts not more attractive, but more eager to it and that's why i always choose them over Toronto passions. 

The best piece of ass from Hush companions agency.

Been with Alissa @ hush recently, it was an average book imo since she's a spinner and i don't fancy them much. Have to be honest and say she gave me magnificent bbbj and mpos, also have to mention she's a bit restrictive when it comes to DATY (and i don't like that at all) so not a positive, not a negative, average punt....



Thanks for the review mate. She looks skinny in the photos too. You should have noticed that. I was planning to pay them a visit soon so it's good to know she gives a proper head.

Does anyone know an escort that squirts a lot @Hush ? 

This one will squirt if you pound her hard...

She's amazing, a tall model looking girl with a sexy look that will cause mini heart attack. Also very leggy, a bit hard to manipulate with those, but everyone is going to reach a mind blowing climax with that beauty, so she's worth putting extra effort.

Hey guys, I'm new to this. Has anyone seen Penelope from Hush yet?


I'm interested in booking her so I'm searching for relevant info...

One of their stand out escorts. I would feature her willingness and sensuality over other qualities. Give incredible head in quite sloppy way, also she's big time DFK provider and mixes it up with DATY without a problem. Overall she's the one from Hush i would recommend to everyone at anytime. 

i'll give you guys one tip, when you see them having curly hair, don't worry about the outcome, she's the one believe me. It's kind of funny, but kinky hair means kinky time...


The best piece of ass from Hush companions agency.

Ruby Is no longer with Hush it would be nice if escort rankings could be kept up to date

Where is she now? 

Are there any girls in Hush, DD, or other established Toronto escort agencies, willing to provide duo sessions? 

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