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I noticed there is a topic on Toronto Passions agency, so i would like to start a topic about Hush Companions agency since i prefer them over others. What do you think of Hush Companions? 

Love their website, love their selection, they are the best Toronto agency IMO. Large selection guarantees a large covered area which is usefull for ones who are searching for escorts near them.

I find Hush escorts not more attractive, but more eager to it and that's why i always choose them over Toronto passions. 

The best piece of ass from Hush companions agency.

Been with Alissa @ hush recently, it was an average book imo since she's a spinner and i don't fancy them much. Have to be honest and say she gave me magnificent bbbj and mpos, also have to mention she's a bit restrictive when it comes to DATY (and i don't like that at all) so not a positive, not a negative, average punt....



Thanks for the review mate. She looks skinny in the photos too. You should have noticed that. I was planning to pay them a visit soon so it's good to know she gives a proper head.

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